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Pasadena Moving Company Tips on What to Pack First

Moving to a new house or apartment can be exciting, but there’s also the exhausting side of it. One of the things that makes it overwhelming is the packing process. Here at Elite Moving and Storage, a Pasadena moving company, we receive several calls from our clients regarding this topic. 

Many of them are not sure how to get started. As always, we recommend them to first pack the things that they need the least, or that they know they won’t need before settling into their new place. 

These are found in your garage, attic, or basement. They are things that you have forgotten about until your moving day. You can start packing them as early as possible. 

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Keep in mind that the more things you pack, the costlier the move can be. Even if you hire the best Pasadena moving company, moving all of your things can be expensive. 

That’s why creating an inventory checklist can help you condense what you are bringing, selling, and donating. 

While jotting down the things found per room, make sure to organize them into columns based on where they are going. Are you going to sell them? Pack them? Or throw them away? 

Lower the Cost of Moving 

After having a clearer idea of the items in your house, it is time for you to decide which ones to pack and throw to lower the number of items you need to pack. You must sort through your items and make sure that you only pack the things that you need in your new house. 

The more items you take, the higher the overall weight will be, the costlier the moving is. If you can live without that furniture or have been thinking of replacing it, you can donate or sell it. 

Furthermore, if you pack fewer items, you will need less time to pack them. 

Gather the Necessary Packing Materials from Pasadena Moving Company

Our moving company can provide you with the necessary boxes if you request them. However, if you wish to obtain them yourself, make sure that you have gathered proper materials to pack the items. 

As you start packing, think about the items you use the least. As mentioned earlier, these are typically found in the attic or basement. Start with wall decor, photo albums, seasonal clothing, books, and collectibles.

No matter which items you pack first, the main question is, “Have you called the moving company yet?” Keep in mind that moving companies cater to a lot of clients. If you move during peak season, then your preferred date might not be available. 

That’s why you must call Pasadena moving company to make a reservation for your moving day before you decide what to pack first. Contact Elite Moving and Storage for the schedule: (888) 693-9080. 

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