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Pasadena Moving Company for Your Move During Pandemic

People in Pasadena continue to move even during the pandemic. However, moving in this time requires a lot of planning and preparation. Our Pasadena moving company puts extra measures to ensure that our employees, customers, and everyone involved in the move is properly protected. 

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Pasadena Moving Company Considers Preparation is Crucial 

The preparation stage of a move is especially vital in the pandemic. Although moving is an exciting experience, it can be daunting and overwhelming. In some cases, customers will get anxious during their moving date. However, you can avoid it by preparing yourself and your family. Preparation will help ease the transition. Plan it to the tee. Before you even plan to move, make sure that you research your new location. In that way, you won’t get lost upon arrival. Consider how to transport your car if you’re moving to a new state. Or how will you choose a school for your kids? Since you’re still new to the area, it’ll be useful if your kids’ school is near your new house. During the move, make sure that you pack all the necessary documents and sentimental value. If there are things that you don’t need, make sure to give them away. However, if you’re planning to donate it to a charity organization, you may need to call them in advance before you drop off your items. Keep in mind that charitable organizations are also taking extra measures to protect their staff from COVID-19. 

Are Moving Services Shutting Down? 

Some moving companies in Pasadena are shutting down temporarily because of Covid. But not Elite Moving and Storage. In that case, if you scheduled your move with us, you can still proceed with your moving plan. If you wish to confirm your schedule, make sure that you call us. The moving experience will be different pre-pandemic. The biggest change is how movers handle the boxes. Our professional movers here at Elite Moving and Storage are trained to frequently wash their hands. They will also avoid having physical contact with clients. 

Should You Move or Consider Storage Services? 

Our storage services continue to run. However, we have limited hours of accessibility. We also reduce the number of customers we can accommodate. We’re following strict proper hygiene practices to make sure that our customers are safe when they transact with us. 

Should You Delay Your Move? 

If you can avoid moving during this pandemic, then you should avoid it for now. But it’s only applicable if your moving date is flexible. On the other hand, if you need to move right away, you must contact our team to find out how to move safely with us. However, if you’re in a high-risk group like you have diabetes or asthma, you should postpone your move. You may also choose an alternate way of moving, like using your own car or renting storage. Do you have more questions about your upcoming move? Please contact our Pasadena moving company to get the answers that you seek about the COVID-19 move. Call us at (888) 693-9080


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