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Everything You Need to Know About Moving Pianos

Are you moving soon and currently planning to haul heavy furniture like dressers, couches, and pianos? It can be an exhausting process to move your house and can take a lot of strategizing to ensure everything arrives at your new residence in one piece. One of the biggest pieces of advice Elite Moving and Storage can suggest is hiring a mover to help with your piano. Piano movers in Los Angeles who have experience with moving large and expensive equipment can be vital to ensuring no harm comes to it during travel. Whether your piano is an everyday instrument, decorative piece or family heirloom it should be moved by responsible and capable hands.

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Why do you need an experienced mover and not just a few family friends? Well, simply put pianos are unlike any other furniture or possessions in your home. They have unique weight and size but especially function. You couch or dining table may weight somewhat close to your piano but you don’t have to worry about couch keys breaking or table strings snapping. You can move those items without the need for kid gloves the way you would with a piano. 

Why Are Pianos So Hard To Move?

You may be wondering why you would even need to hire piano movers in Los Angeles. Can they really be all that difficult to move? Like mentioned before it’s their size and shape. Pianos are very large and come with many different parts. Their rest on narrow less, have expensive keys, delicate strings, hammers, and a heavy lid. Each of these different elements needs to be protected while a piano is being moved. Movin it down or upstairs, through an elevator or down a tight hallway can be a massive challenge even for experienced movers. So, why would you leave it to family or friends? Moving your family piano through a simple doorway could do hundreds of dollars in damage to your piano or your doorframe. 

Another great reason to hire movers to get your piano from point A to point B is the sheer weight. Pianos can be incredibly heavy. This means you’ll most likely need more than two people to get it out of your house. It’s not a job that can be solved by putting it onto a metal or wooden dolly. Instead, professional piano movers in Los Angeles can use specialized equipment that is meant to hold and move the weight of the piano.

A final reason that moving your piano would be best done with movers is the actual act of moving it. Tossing into a truck bed without much protection can ding, dent, scratch and seriously damage your piano. Moving companies have the padding and equipment to be sure that your piano makes a safe trip to your new home. Once you have successfully moved your piano you’ll have to have it returned because the move may throw it out of key. 

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