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Safely Packing Your Artworks for a Move

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Moving is stressful, especially when you’re hauling around priceless artworks. As one of the Top Rated Movers in the state, we’re giving you some ideas for packing your artworks safely, so they don’t get damaged in transit:

Make sure the surface of your artwork is clean, dry, and free of dust. Dust can be abrasive and even cause tiny scratches on oil paintings.

Wrap your artwork in acid-free tissue paper before placing it in a box or crate. This will protect the artwork from moisture, which can lead to mold growth and damage to the surface of the painting if it’s made with oils or acrylics.

Use bubble wrap or foam padding around fragile areas like corners or edges to prevent them from getting damaged by contact with other pieces of art during transport.

Place additional padding around any protruding parts like metal frames or wooden supports that might scratch other items if they rub against them during transit (this includes any extra-large paintings that have been rolled up for shipping purposes).

The best way to ensure that they arrive safely is to use a professional Moving Company that has experience packing and shipping delicate items.

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