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Safety Tips to Remember When Moving Furniture

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Moving can be stressful for many families, especially when it involves moving large pieces of furniture. Transferring heavy and bulky furniture can also cause injuries like back pain, sprains, and joint injuries. To avoid injury, consider hiring the assistance of a moving company. Here are also some safety tips to remember when moving furniture:

  • Keep the Floors Clear of Debris and Clutter

    Sometimes, it’s hard to see where you are stepping when you’re moving large furniture. Remember to keep the walkways and hallways clear of anything that might cause a trip or slip. If you are moving soon, our long distance moving company can make sure your move is fast, safe, and efficient.

  • Disassemble If Possible

    It can be tempting to move the whole piece of furniture in one go, but it would be safer if you could disassemble it into smaller and more manageable pieces before moving it. If possible, seek the assistance of professional movers, like our moving and storage company in Los Angeles, California.

  • Wear Comfortable Shoes and Appropriate Clothing

    You wouldn’t want to drop large furniture when moving because of your clothes snagging or because of loose footwear. Remember to wear appropriate clothing when moving to reduce the risk of accidents and injury. We offer residential move to help your family move your belongings safely and quickly.

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