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Should You Ask a Friend or Hire a Moving Company?

Moving to a new place entails a lot of decisions. One of them is asking for help. Whether the move is just a few blocks away or long-distance, you probably think of asking someone to help with your pile of boxes. There’s nothing wrong with asking a friend. But there are more pros to hiring a moving company in Agoura Hills than cons. 

Why It is a Better Option to Hire a Moving Company in Agoura Hills

You might think that we are a little biased. But hiring a moving company ensures that your items are in safe hands. Movers know what they are doing. They have been doing it for so long so there is nothing that they cannot handle. 

Reputable moving companies are fully insured. Thus, if one or some of your items get damaged, you can file a claim for replacements. Furthermore, you can save time when you hire a moving company. Movers have the right equipment to make loading and unloading a breeze. 

Save Money

You can save money when you just ask your friend to help you move. It is cheaper. However, when you get the receipt, the difference is not that much. Factor in the man hours required, it takes longer to move your things than the pros. 

But if you are only moving short-distance and you have less stuff, then asking a friend to help you move may be the right choice. If you are still trying to figure out whether you move or hire a mover, here are some things to keep in mind. 

  • The distance of your new home from your current house. If it is a short distance, like within the same city, asking a friend may be a good idea. But if you are moving long distance, especially to another country or state, then go with professionals. They are licensed and insured so you are guaranteed your things are safe. 
  • The number of stuff you need to move. The number of things that you need to move will determine how big of a truck you have to rent. For a studio apartment, you may need a 10-foot truck. If it is a two-bedroom house, a 17-foot truck is needed. Your friends can help move your couch or mattress. But if you have heavy boxes and furniture, then leave the job to the pros. 
  • The value of your stuff. If you are moving your high-value items, you will want professional movers to move them. Work with a licensed company to understand the level of liability they consent to. 
  • Your budget. Moving is not cheap, even if you choose to do it yourself. But if your budget cannot afford to hire a pro, it might be better to just ask a friend who is willing to help you. But make sure to accept that your friends might not be able to help your entire move. 

Moving Company in Agoura Hills

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