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Should You Move Yourself or Hire Marina Del Rey Movers?

There are many reasons for staying in Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles, California. For one, it has convenient links to various parts of LA. If you’re planning to move in this part of LA, you might wonder whether or not it’s worth it to hire Marina Del Rey movers or just move without using a moving company. 


Moving can be stressful. The packing and unpacking can be time-consuming. That’s why you need to consider seriously how you can manage how to get your things from your current house to your new dwelling. It’s not an easy feat. It’s especially true if your move involves a lot of heavy furniture. 


The Cost of Hiring Marina Del Rey Movers 

One of the things you must ask yourself if you wish to hire a moving company like Elite Moving and Storage is the cost. Keep in mind that the moving cost depends on where you currently live and where you will move. The overall cost also varies depending on how many things you have to move. 


If it’s just a local move, it can cost around $25 per hour per mover. It’s average. Furthermore, some fees may be added if you live in an apartment with no elevator as movers will have to use the stairs to transport your things. 

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The total cost of your move from a three-bedroom home can be around $1,000. If you’re just living in a studio apartment, the amount could only cost around $250. The larger your house is, the higher the cost will be. 


Now if you’re moving long-distance, say, from Marina Del Rey to a new city or a state, expect to pay an hourly rate. The overall cost will vary depending on the kind of services you obtain. For instance, if you only need to move your things without movers helping you pack, then you’ll pay less. 


The amount we include here is just estimates. For a customized quote, make sure to give our movers a call. 


What If You Just Move Yourself? 

You can rent a moving truck. But you will have to spend on packing supplies. Another option is to rent a PODS container. It’s only ideal, however, if you’re just moving locally. 


But what is really the best option for you? It still depends on your moving needs. Before you decide, you need to consider not just the money involved in moving. You must also consider that moving can result in stress, lost wages, injury, and damage to your stuff. 


If you consider all of those things, you will realize that hiring a moving company makes more sense. Indeed, you’ll have to pay more if you do it yourself. But you can save a lot of time and stress when you choose a reliable moving company. 


Choose a Reputable Moving Company 

If you choose a moving company, make sure that it’s a reputable one. When moving to Marina Del Rey or another city, your best option is Elite Moving and Storage. Our Marina Del Rey movers have decades of experience in this industry so you can trust us to move your possessions safely. Contact us today for more information: (888) 693-9080. 

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