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The Essential Tips for Organizing A Pre-Moving Garage Sale

Let’s face it – nobody ever started organizing their moving process before it was already late. A lot of chaos and disorganization appears when you realize that you have too much stuff. While you may find the best movers in Los Angeles, transporting so many things can take a toll on your wallet. The solution? Garage sales.

Pick the right time

The success of your garage sale depends on time. Obviously, nobody is going to stand in the open during the winter just to buy some kitchen appliances. If you’re planning to organize a garage sale, choose the period with the best weather.

If it is not an urgency to sell, it would be a wiser decision to wait. For summer months, always make sure you’ve set a morning time.

Weekends are an ideal time. Kids aren’t at school, and there are many chances when parents are coerced into buying something by their kids. It’s a great chance to make some money! Also, Saturdays are better than Sundays. If you are not able to sell everything, you could extend it to another day.

the essential tips for organizing a pre moving garage sale

Sorting is the key

Organizing your garage sale is all about organizing your things so people can shop more easily. If you have some other storage facility, hire a moving company Hollywood Hills to bring all your things to one place. Once you’ve gathered all your things, separate them into categories.

People will buy everything for the right price, so be sure that different categories are marked and equally visible by your visitors.

Do some marketing

Social media is your best friend when advertising a garage sale. Ask your friends to share images on social media. Don’t hesitate to advertise the exact categories you’re selling. Lots of people might need something you have and seeing it on the poster will urge them to come. An equally good idea is supporting this campaign with posters all over the neighborhood.

Remember to advertise creatively and with a goal in mind. Incorporate a colorful design that will attract people. Even though you’re not running a marketing campaign for a multinational corporation, your job is still to attract as many people as you can.

Additional tips for organizing a garage sale
  • Remember to price all your items so people can see. If there are too many people, most of them won’t bother asking you for the price and just leave.
  • Colorful, printed stickers leave a much better impression than plain writings on paper.
  • Expect haggling and people trying to drive the price down. Remember – you want to get rid of stuff, not become rich. Give away some things and don’t expect fantastic deals.
  • If you have too much stuff left, starting giving one item free of charge with every purchase. It will make everything go much faster.

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