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The Expert Piano Movers Your Piano Deserves

A piano is so much more than an instrument. It’s certainly more than furniture. For many of us, a piano is something that’s passed down from generation to generation. Maybe you learned to play as a child on the same piano your parents did. Or, perhaps, after years of saving up and waiting, you finally went out and bought your own piano. No matter how you came to get your piano, it’s something special. It has to be treated right. That’s where we come in. When it’s time to move, we have the sort of expert piano movers you and your piano deserve. 


Expert Piano Movers with Years of Experience Moving Pianos 


Imagine if you just met somebody, whether they were at a social event you were throwing at your home or through some other function, and they said: “Hey, I’ve never played a piano before in my life. You don’t mind if I just sit down and bang on the keys for a while, right?” Maybe you’d let them play for a moment, but you certainly wouldn’t let them sit there for a while. It’s more than likely they wouldn’t know how to treat the piano, to say nothing of the racket they might cause. The same thought applies to moving your piano. Here at Elite Moving and Storage, we’ve moved pianos for many years. We know how to treat them: like they were our own priceless pianos, our own precious heirlooms. 

expert piano movers

Piano Specialists Who Have Moved Every Kind of Piano 


It’s one thing to have moved pianos before, it’s something else to have moved many different kinds of pianos before. We’ve talked to clients who, at some previous time, had gone with another moving company for their piano. What would scare them away wasn’t the lack of experience in their movers (although that was part of it) but rather that, when they sat down to talk to the movers, they didn’t know the difference between a Grand Piano, a Baby one, an Upright piano, and so forth. Over the years, we’ve successfully moved just about every single kind of piano that exists. We can now put that same experience to use for your piano. 


Climate Control and More 


Any kind of piano is majestic in its own way. They have a regal nature that essentially no other instrument has. With their size and beauty, they can appear almost indestructible at times. However, as you surely know, pianos are anything but. They’re sensitive, and that they have to be treated properly at all times. That’s especially true during a move. So, here at Elite Moving and Storage, we have so many different ways to make sure they’re treated right: from experienced workers to protective wrappings, climate controlled facilities and more, your pianos are treated right at every single step of the process. When you need to move a piano, at any time, day or night, we’re here for you. You can reach us at (888) 693-9080. 

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