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Things You Must Remember for a Smoother Move

Moving can be exciting. But it can also be stressful if you don’t hire a moving company in Los Angeles to help your move. Now, if you did hire our moving company and schedule your move, there might still be things that you would forget. Here are some things that you need to remember before your next move.

Moving Company in Los Angeles Reminds You to Cancel Utilities

Before you even schedule your move with Elite Moving and Storage, you need to call your utilities and notify them that you’re moving so they can send your final billing. These utilities will include your phone, cable, electricity, water, and other services.

If you have cleaning services or pest control services, you need to cancel them too. But you also need to ask them to cancel your services after your moving day. In that way, you still have electricity, water, or gas on the day of your move. Let the companies know of your last day of residency. In that way, you can avoid paying additional fees.

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Change Your Official Address

You may register with the post office so it can change your official address. Let them know that you’re moving so it will forward your final bills and other important mails to your new home. If you have kids and they are in school, you should let their school know about your new address. In that way, they know where to send your kids’ transcripts.

Clean the House

This is necessary because if you make a mess, you might not get back your security deposit. If you get it, your landlord might deduct the cost of the damages you made. Now, if you’re selling your house, cleaning it before you move out will help in attracting your potential buyers.

Update Online Accounts

Updating your online accounts means that you have to change your profile with your bank. You must update your online accounts with various vendors that you interact with online. In that way, your profile will be updated before making another transaction. Keep in mind that moving to a new house will cause you to be busy. You might forget to update these accounts if you do it later.

Schedule Your Move

Before you get too excited to live in your dream house, make sure that you have scheduled your moving day with Elite Moving and Storage. You must plan it out for a few months. The earlier you schedule your move, the better so you can get the moving date that you want. You may also get a huge discount when you schedule early. But you need to ensure that you’re moving in the off-season.

Spring the Best Time to Move

The months of April and May are less demanding. In that case, the rate is cheaper. Thus, make sure to move during these months. However, it may not be the best time for you to move. It depends on your preference. But one thing is for sure — you need to schedule it earlier. Thus, if you have figured out when your moving date is, call our moving company in Los Angeles now: (888) 693-9080.

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