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Throw These Things Before Scheduling Your Move with Us

Our Beverly Hills moving company can assist you in making your move less stressful. When you choose us to be your moving company, we can guarantee that your stuff is safe during transport. However, we recommend not taking everything with you. For one, it can get heavy. And remember that the cost of moving will depend on the weight of your stuff. That said, before you even call us, make sure that you have thrown out or donated some of your items.  This will help in reducing the weight, thereby, lowering the moving cost. But what can you toss? 

Beverly Hills Moving Company Recommends Tossing Clothes You Don’t Wear 

One of the questions you should ask yourself when deciding what clothes to toss is this: “Does it fit me?” If it doesn’t fit you, you should toss it. If you haven’t worn the clothes for years, you better throw or donate them to charity. Look around your closet and find those that you haven’t worn in the last year. Then, ask if they are still on-trend. Clothes that are no longer in good condition must be ditched before you move. If you’re not sure where to donate them, you can ask Goodwill where you can leave your unused clothes. Salvation Army also accepts clothes. But before you place your clothes in the “donate” box, make sure that the clothes can still be worn by other people. Besides clothes, you should also toss shoes you no longer wear. Shoes are heavier when you pack them. Any pairs of shoes that you haven’t worn in months or years must go. Towels must also go to your “donate” box because they are cheap and you can easily buy them in any department store. Plus, if you donate them, you can furnish the bathroom in your new house with new towels. 

Decorative Pillows and Cheap Furniture

Another way to cut down your moving cost is to toss your old decorative pillows. You might have collected inexpensive pillows from various places. We can guarantee you that you won’t need them in your new house. Furthermore, you can easily replace them when you have settled in your new dwelling. There are several donation sites where you can drop them, as long as they are still in good shape. If not, you can just throw them out or go to a recycling center. There’s also no need to move your cheap furniture to your new house. The cost of moving is more expensive than just buying cheap furniture. So toss or donate it. Also, you don’t need those stuffed animals that you picked a few years ago. These are teddy bears, nightlights, and other stuff that other people give you. Just anything you don’t use at all, get rid of it. Once you have tossed or donated them, you’re now ready to schedule your move with our Beverly Hills moving company. Call us here to talk to one of our representatives: (888) 693-9080


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