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Top To-Do List Before Moving Interstate

moving interstate

Moving interstate can be stressful. You must find a long-distance moving company and ensure everything is packed up. As your trusted moving and storage company in Los Angeles, California, we will walk you through what to do before your move so that everything goes smoothly and efficiently:

  • Long-distance moving company
    The first step to take when moving interstate is to find a professional long distance moving company. Professional movers can pack your belongings, load them into their trucks, drive your belongings across state lines, unload them and reassemble them in their new home.
  • Get organized
    To ensure your interstate move goes as smoothly as possible; it’s important to have a plan in place. A little organization and preparation will go a long way to ensuring that the move goes off without any hitches.
  • Update all of your accounts, subscriptions, and memberships
    If you’re moving with friends or family, give them a heads up so they don’t worry about not hearing from you. Also, make sure all of the addresses in your address book are correct. If there’s anything that auto-renews, like magazine subscriptions or gym memberships, cancel those beforehand so that they don’t renew after you’ve moved and charge your new credit card without any warning.

Elite Moving and Storage has a rich experience as a local moving company with countless relocation projects and has been operating for 25 years as a family-owned business. We simply believe that knowing what to do and when to do it is the best way to keep your move running smoothly.

Our services include out of state moving services, local moving services, door-to-door delivery, and many more! To know more about what we offer, call us today at (888) 693-9080.

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