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What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Not Hiring a Moving Company?

You have found the perfect place for your next house. The place is great. But you’re not living there yet. Before you can make it to your next house, you need to move to that place. And it means you have to pack your things and hire a moving company in Los Angeles. But because you don’t want to spend your money on movers, you want to do move your stuff on your own. Is it a good idea?

Before you even consider moving without a professional mover helping you, you should consider these pros and cons.

Pros of Not Hiring a Moving Company in Los Angeles

  • Save money. Yes, it’s the most attractive feature of a DIY move. You think that the professional fee of a mover is an expense. Thus, you choose to ask your friends to help you move. Indeed, you can save money from not hiring someone to move your stuff.
  • Move at any time. When you move on your own, you can choose your moving date. Summer is a peak season for movers. Thus, if you want to move during warmer months, you can with a DIY move.
  • Not stressing about packing. If you don’t hire a moving company, you can just pack at any time you please. You can throw everything into the boxes.

But we all know that a DIY move isn’t always sunny. There are some downsides to it. Here are some of them.

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Cons of a DIY Move

  • Time-consuming. Packing your stuff is time-consuming. Because movers are trained to pack your things, they make it look easy. They methodically move your things and finish them at the right time.
  • Stressful. It’s not the most stressful thing. However, it can cause anxiety and stress. What’s stressful about packing or moving is that you need people to help you out. But there are times that those people whom you ask to help you won’t show up for some reason. You’ll find yourself scrambling to pack so you can move on your preferred date.
  • Full of surprises. How are you going to move your refrigerator? Couch? Piano? Sure you can rent equipment but do you know how to move them without scratching your expensive furniture? Chances are, you’ll damage those items before you even leave the house to move to your next house.
  • Hard work. When you choose a DIY move you find time sorting, cleaning, and preparing your things. Then, you need to lift those heavy boxes full of books and other stuff. You also have to disassemble your furniture and load it into a rented truck. You don’t have the experience so it’s a cumbersome process.

Indeed, you can save money from not hiring a moving company. But is it worth it? If you think that DIY move is not for you, make sure to give our moving company in Los Angeles a call to schedule your moving date. Please dial (888) 693-9080.

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