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Differentiating a Commercial and Residential Move

Many of our clients are quite confused about some of our services. Elite Moving and Storage doesn’t only employ Commercial movers Los Angeles but also residential movers. 


In that case, whether you need a residential relocation or an office move, you can trust that our moving company will be there to assist you in this new adventure. 


Commercial Movers in Los Angeles Perform a More Complicated Process 

It doesn’t matter whether your company is a small shop or a large-scale organization. A commercial move is more complex than a residential relocation. 

At Elite Moving, we have our own team of office movers trained to make sure that the transition is smooth and safe. 

The goal of our commercial moving service is to assure that the move is fast and precise. This will guarantee that loss of productivity will be minimized. 

An office move that will take too long can significantly affect your business operation. It will also impact your business’s financial status. 

Elite Moving and Storage has handled commercial moves for many years now. We have worked with retail stores, restaurants, banks, and law firms, among others. 

Companies in Los Angeles can benefit from our wide array of commercial moving services. 


Transporting Sensitive Material 

Depending on the type of business you have, commercial move can include the safe transport of sensitive documents. These could be tax records of your employees and the internal accounts of your business. 

You might also need to move your computers that store valuable data. Keep in mind that businesses are required to provide proper security for sensitive information. Statues, like the Fair Credit Reporting Act, require companies to keep sensitive data as secure as possible. 

Elite Moving and Storage is adept at transporting sensitive material. We have the necessary equipment to transport it with care so you can have the peace of mind that you need for your office move. 

Our movers follow the best business practices and companies can benefit from our trusted commercial movers to pack and unpack sensitive documents. 

Commercial movers Los Angeles

Safe Transport of Electronic Equipment 

Commercial moves involve the transportation of printers, scanners, fax machines, photocopiers, and other huge machines. 

Your business may rely on these pieces of equipment to carry out your operation. Thus, they must be transported safely and with care. 

For that reason, you should only entrust it to the best in the industry, i.e. Elite Moving and Storage. We’re the number choice when businesses need a commercial moving service. 

Our crews are trained to move heavy items without breaking a sweat. Each mover is fully insured, as well. Compared to other movers in LA, our company is upfront about all the commercial moving costs. 

It means that there are no hidden charges. 


What Do You Need for Your Commercial Move? 

Elite Moving and Storage is all you need to get it done. Call our commercial movers in Los Angeles today to schedule a free estimate: (888) 693-9080.

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