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Follow This Timeline for a Successful Move

If you wish to have a successful move, you need to hire one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles. The company can ensure that everything will go smoothly. When you consult with moving experts today, they can tell you the essential moving timeline you should consider following so you won’t leave scrambling at the last minute. 

Recommendations from the Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles 

Three Months Before the Move 

  • Purge your things. You should not throw some of your things away in the trash. Instead, sell or donate them. You can sell your furniture, donate some of your clothes, and give away some of your cooking utensils. If you have broken items, make sure to throw them away. 
  • Collect supplies. If you do some of the packing, you should start collecting packing supplies. You must collect them as early as possible. 
  • Have a moving budget. Now that you have purged your things, you can have a good idea of what items to be packed. Call a moving company to know how much to spend. Make sure to call at least three moving companies before hiring one. Compare their rates. But don’t pick the one with the lowest rate.Best Moving Companies Los Angeles

One Month Before the Move 

  • You should start notifying your bank, insurance provider, and anyone else who knows that you’re moving out of your house. If there’s someone you want to send you important documents, you must give that person your new address. 
  • During this time, you should have collected enough boxes. Even though you have decided that some items will be packed by professional movers, it’s still ideal that you collect your own boxes. Movers can supply you with the necessary packing materials but if you want extra materials, it will cost you more. 

Less Than a Month Before the Move 

You should have started packing the items that you don’t need. They can be your books, out-of-season clothing, and some collectibles. But don’t pack yet your essentials, like toilet paper, medications, or toothbrush. These essentials should be packed last. Or you can put them in one box so you don’t have to dig them out after arriving at your new house. 

A Week Before the Move 

Clean the old place. This is vital especially if you are selling the old house. If you’re just renting, cleaning will allow the new residents to move to your place easily. It will also be easier for you to get back your deposit. 

Moving Day 

A day before the moving day, make sure that you have prepared your house for the movers. You must have labeled everything and provided instructions to the movers and packers. 

Let the Movers Help You with this Big Project 

Moving to a new house is a huge project. That’s why you should get the assistance of the best moving companies in Los Angeles to ensure a smooth move. Call us here to get free estimates (888) 693-9080 or read more tips on how to move smoothly.

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