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What Moving Supplies do You Need for Your Moving Day?

Local movers in Los Angeles may provide you with the necessary supplies that you need for your move. However, some of our clients would opt to find their own supplies so they can lower the overall cost of moving. This is acceptable. But do you know what supplies you need? Indeed, boxes and tape are necessary to pack your things. But they are not the only packing supplies you need. Even if you’re just moving locally, you still need the right moving supplies to ensure that you have packed all your possessions.

Boxes from the Local Movers in Los Angeles

Our clients who choose to pack their own things used any type of box they can grab. There’s nothing wrong with it. But you must keep in mind that if you use the wrong type, the things you want to put in that box may get damaged. Furthermore, you may put anything in that box as long as it fits.

However, if you wish to safely pack your things, you need to use actual moving boxes. You may ask our staff about them so we can provide them for the safety of your possessions. But for your electronics, make sure to use the original box they originally came in.

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Tape and Paper

Packing tape is different from the ordinary tape that you use in an envelope, for instance. You need to use that durable table that’s extremely sticky. In that way, it will properly seal your boxes and ensure a permanent bond no matter what the temperature is.

Then, there’s the packing paper. This is useful to wrap your fragile items. It’s also used to fill those empty spaces in the boxes. But don’t use old newspapers. Instead, choose ink-free paper. The reason for this is that the ink in the paper can be transferred to your belongings. You may buy tape and paper from our moving company if you need to. We can give you advice on the type of tape and paper you must use for a particular box.

Bubble Wrap

Not all boxes require bubble wrap. However, if you are packing delicate items, like China or glassware, then make sure that you bubble wrap them to provide extra cushioning. Otherwise, you’ll end up having broken glassware when you unload and unpack them.


Make sure that you have properly labeled all boxes. You must mark them properly and clearly. By marking, we meant labeling the box, its content, and where it must go. There’s no set rule on how to label your boxes. The most important thing to remember is to identify the box so you know what’s inside it. In that way, when the boxes arrive at your new house, you can easily instruct our movers what rooms the boxes must go to.

Do You Need Dollies, Ramp, or Cargo Straps?

You will need them if you pack and move by yourself. In other words, if you don’t hire a professional moving company, then you will need to have them on your moving day. However, if you’re wise enough to hire local movers in Los Angeles, then you can leave these supplies to us. Now, if you’re ready to schedule your moving date with us, make sure to contact us here: (888) 693-9080

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