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Where can I Find Woodland Hills Movers?

Finding yourself googling how to find the best Woodland Hills movers? Plenty of people discover during their time packing up their home or apartment that they just have too much stuff or furniture too large to move. Instead of struggling with it all by yourself you might find it beneficial to get a moving company to help. If you are in the process of trying to find the right movers, Elite Moving and Storage has a few tips; 

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Get Referrals

What’s better really than word of mouth? If you know people that have moved recently like family members or friends you can check with them if they used a moving company. A lot of individuals don’t want to have to rent their own moving truck because they can be exhausting to load and hard to navigate on the open road. Check with friends and family to see which moving companies they have depended on in the past. 

Three Is The Luckiest Number

When it comes to finding the right moving company you should follow the rule of threes. Don’t go with the first estimate you are given. Instead, ask three (or more) moving companies to do an in-person estimation of your belongings. You can then accurately compare pricing to get the best deal. 

Be Aware Of Possible Problems 

When you take the time to meet with moving companies don’t allow yourself to be pushed around. Some might try to pressure you into giving a cash deposit upfront or seem overly eager to get the work done. These people may be trying to scam you out of money or steal your belongings. Furthermore, be aware of how they treat you during the estimate. Did they show on time? Did they answer your questions or listen to your concerns?

Insurance and Licenses

Some of the most important footwork you can do when finding a moving company is learning whether they are insured and licensed. The US Dept of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will issue a U.S. DOT number for movers that work interstate. If you are going the long haul and moving from one state to another you will want to be sure that you have that U.S. DOT number in case you have to file a claim against the company at a later date. 

Ask For Their Address

You will want to ask for the moving company’s business card when you meet. You can then pull up their website and see their address. Be sure that the company’s address is registered and listed under the company name. You’ll want to be cautious of a company that’s listed under a residential name.

Check The Better Business Bureau

Check the company’s BBB moving rating online. If they have a good rating you can be sure they’re trustworthy. If they aren’t listed you probably shouldn’t work with them. 

When you are ready to make your move, short or long distance, Elite Moving and Storage can get the job done.  Make your move easy by hiring Woodland Hills movers who can move your belongings with ease. Call us today to schedule your moving date (888) 693-9080

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