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Choosing the Best Moving Company in Hollywood Hills

How you define the best moving company Hollywood Hills depends upon your priorities. We have come across furniture and antique stores that value gentle handling and a robust insurance policy when they choose moving companies. We have found scores of junior executives who value efficiency over how gentle movers shift their stuff. The days of hiring an odd job man with a van and his mates have gone, since people now demand fully insured and professional movers when relocating from one place to another. This article explains the pros and cons of the best moving companies in Hollywood.


Elite Moving And Storage Moving Company Hollywood Hills

The Elite team is better known on a person-to-person basis, which is why you do not see their adverts on billboards and in news publications. They rely on personal recommendations and repeat business so that they do not have to waste money on advertising. They offer a premium service, so people on the tight budget best look elsewhere. Elite offers a local moving service and an out-of-state moving service. They even have international moving services and commercial moving services. Where many removals companies are small and often rely on the work of a minority of individuals, the Elite moving service is a large and highly organized business, which means you get consistently good results every time.


  • Equipped and trained to deal with the removal of almost any item (except chilled/frozen)
  • Efficient and professional service
  • Offer a consistently high service
  • Careful scheduling means they rarely have to turn customers away
  • Offer storage as well as moving services
  • They are a large and well-organized company
  • Local, national and international moving services


  • Overly careful drivers can be difficult to direct
  • Customer service needs improvement
  • Liaison executives need to make themselves more available


Pure Moving Company

The bulk of the negative reviews that this company gets are through people’s misunderstanding of how the company works. It is one step up from being a discount service, so you shouldn’t expect them to do more than wrap your furniture and load it. If you have a great many loose items, they will not box and transport them. They are a removals company, but you need your stuff already boxed and stacked ready for them to take, otherwise you will be disappointed with the results. Also, beware of other companies out there with similar names because Pure Moving Company is often mistaken for them.

Which Is The Best Moving Company Hollywood Hills Has To Offer


  • Will wrap your furniture upon request
  • Their budget insurance means their movers are extra careful
  • Most bad reviews are for “Pure Moving Systems” and not this company (Pure Moving Company)



  • They have predefined moving areas and will not move out of state
  • Their discount system is convoluted and silly
  • Staff are not disciplined for being prickly or standoff-ish


Optimal Movers

These are the people you hire if you are looking for a lower price. They have poor quality insurance, so you are unlikely to be paid for what they break, and they pay poor wages, which means the staff they hire are usually lackluster. However, the benefits of this are that you pay a lower rate than most, and they usually have space on their calendar to fit you in. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to request quick removals and have the Optimal Move team arrive on the same day. Optimal Movers do not have the lowest rates in Hollywood, but others that appear to have lower rates will often have hidden fees that do not materialize until the job is done.


  • They are close to what one may call a budget removals company
  • Happy to undertake cross-country moves and out-of-state moves
  • Do not tag on hidden costs like other budget removals companies do


  • Communication with admins and support staff is woefully slow
  • They pay very poor wages that attract unmotivated staff
  • Removal and driving times often vary wildly from quoted times
  • Trucks do not have internal lights

Conclusion – Whom to Trust?

The removals business is a tricky and devious business. Some companies seem to have the best rates, until you discover that things such as wrapping, gas, and overtime are extra, at which point you find out that the discount/budget company you picked has cost you a small fortune. Then, there are the companies that appear to be okay, but have such poor insurance that you foot the cost for every item they break.

In addition, the age of online reviews is upon us, and since the removals business is so competitive, you often find user reviews (such as those on Yelp) where many of the positive reviews were paid for by the removals company. In short, it is tough to know whom to trust. Get referrals if you can.

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