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Which of Your Items Need Professional Packing or Storage?

When you are busy planning a move there can be a lot to coordinate. You could start by putting away the things you don’t need in your daily life such as decorations, books, and other non-essentials. You may split up the rooms of your home to try to pack each one at a time. Packing your items correctly takes time, patience and a lot of supplies. Sure you will need the usual things like boxes and packaging tape but there are other materials that can keep your valuable and fragile items from breaking during a move. If you are asking yourself which items you may need to have professionally packed then you probably know that a moving company could do the best job of getting your belongings transported correctly.

In the case that you have large delicate items such as a glass table top or mirror, you will want to have them wrapped securely in bubble wrap and braced in a way where they won’t flex and break upon lifting or transport. You also may want to move larger items like dressers, tables,cabinets and chairs. When you need to put these larger items into a moving van you don’t want to stack then willy nilly and hope things turn out alright. A professional moving company is equipped with padding and moving blankets that they can ratchet to your furniture to be sure that each large piece of cover. This not only protects the furniture piece from dings and scratches but means that if it touches other items during transport, the friction shouldn’t damage either piece.


When you are packing your boxes up with small household items and appliances you will want to be sure that you have supplies like packaging paper, bubble wrap, markers, and heavy duty tape. Good, heavy duty tape can be your one defense from a weak bottomed box or poorly secured box top. You don’t want to spill your belongings while attempting to move them so find tape that’s up for the job! Making sure that your small items are secure and packed correctly can go a long way in easing the job of your movers during your moving day. As a tip: if you are moving any liquid such as shampoo, laundry detergent or dish soap you should line the box with a trash bag to prevent any leaking.

Packing up your home does not have to be a stressful process but ensuring that you have the right packing supplies can be very helpful. You can count on a company like Elite Moving to be certain that your delicate, large and cumbersome items are moved securely. We have years of experience in moving items that needed the best rate moving and storage. If you wish to schedule your moving date now you can call us at (888) 693-9080. We will work hard to be sure that your most treasured and fragile furniture and belongings get from your former home to your new residence without worry.

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