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Will Hermosa Beach Movers Store Your Stuff?

As one of the most reputable Hermosa beach movers, Elite Moving and Storage does not just offer moving services. We also offer a storage facility that is not public storage.

Use a Storage Facility

Moving to a new house or office may need downsizing by getting rid of larger items. However, there are some things that you do not want to move to your new place. One solution to this situation is to utilize a storage facility.

Unfortunately, if the items you want to move are large, then they can be difficult to move and store. For that reason, it is highly recommended to use a moving company like Elite Moving and Storage.

We only use our own storage facility where we store our clients’ items until they are ready to move them to a new place.

Most beach movers in Hermosa offer moving services without storage facility. They do not offer storing services for their clients. The result is that their clients would look for another company to store their items.

But hiring another company to rent a storage facility will incur extra costs. Furthermore, it also results in an extra trip.

For that reason, you must only hire a moving company with storage service, if you know that you need to store your things first before moving them. Choose a moving company that also offers storage.

But do not just choose moving and storage company. Instead, opt for a company that offers high-quality moving and storage facility.

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Smart Investment in Hermosa Beach Movers

Business owners and homeowners may need to move from one location to another but they wish to store some of their belongings first before deciding where they wish to place them.

If you are moving out of the state, you will need a moving storage company. It can happen if you have a gap between your old lease and the beginning of your new lease.

You will also need our moving and storage facility when you first need to clean your new house or office before moving in. Or you need to transfer on short notice but you have not arranged a new living space yet.

When you know your moving needs, you can decide whether or not you need a storage facility. Our Hermosa beach movers are ready to assist you should you need to move your things and transfer them first to our storage station.

We offer secure storage in a warehouse. It is not a third-party storage facility. Thus, our company is the only one using it.

Using your moving company to store your items offer convenience. Working with separate storage companies will require making another schedule to ensure that your items will arrive on time.

Furthermore, you are responsible for unloading your things if you hire a separate storage company. You also need to organize your things in the storage unit and arrange them when reloading the things in the truck.

If you want convenience, make sure to hire our Hermosa beach movers to move and store your items in a safe storage facility. To schedule a move, call our team today (888) 693-9080.

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