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Will Long Distance Movers Disassemble Furniture?

Moving is exciting. But it can be draining if you’re moving long-distance. What’s more stressful is that you want to move your favorite furniture to your new house. But this can’t be an issue if you choose to hire long-distance movers in Los Angeles. Most movers provide a service that will assemble and disassemble your furniture.

Will Long Distance Movers in Los Angeles Charge for Disassembling Furniture?

It depends. If the move is long-distance, movers may charge for this type of service. That’s why before you even hire a moving company, make sure to ask how much it will cost to disassemble/assemble your furniture. Most furniture items may not require disassembly. But some items will. For instance, your bed frames may not be disassembled first for transport.

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Should You Have The Movers Do It?

There are cases that it’s worth having movers do the task. It still depends on the furniture you want to move. For instance, if you are moving your dining table and it’s easy to assemble its parts yourself, then you can just do it on your own. In that way, you can save a significant amount of money.

Will Movers Uninstall Major Appliances?

Washers, dryers, and refrigerators may need to be uninstalled first before transporting them. However, most movers don’t want to take this responsibility. The reason for this is that they don’t want to take on the liability. For instance, if you need to move your washer, there’s a pipe that may break when uninstalling it. Instead of asking the long-distance mover to do the uninstallation, you should ask a plumber to do it for you. If you’re quite handy, you may want to disassemble it yourself. Refer to this guide to help you out.

What Other Services Do Movers Provide?

Besides disassembling your furniture, movers can also pack your items. However, if you choose this type of service, you must remember that this task isn’t free. It means that there are hourly rates that the movers will charge. But the additional cost is worth it especially if you’re moving fragile items that need utmost protection. When you hire a professional mover, the staff can pack your items and ensure that they won’t break.

How Do Movers Charge?

It depends on the moving company you wish to hire. Some movers charge an hourly rate while others will be based on the number of trucks and movers needed and for how long. Other moving companies charge by weight or distance. If you want to be sure about the charges, you should obtain estimates. Talk to the movers and find out how they charge for their moving services. Make sure that when you obtain quotes, the price will include everything with no hidden charges.

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