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Will the Moving Company Provide Boxes?

If it’s time for you to move, there are two things you should decide first. Should you hire the best rate moving and storage company? Is it necessary to pack yourself? If you do hire professional movers, you might wonder whether or not the movers will provide the boxes, or do you have to purchase them?

Does the Best Rate Moving and Storage Charge You for the Boxes?

When you hire a moving company, you can request moving boxes. But these boxes may cost you extra. It means that they’re not given for free. That’s why if you wish to lower the overall moving cost, you can just purchase your packing supplies, including the boxes to use for your stuff. When you obtain an estimate for your move, you should check whether the quote includes packing supplies. And if they’re not part of the package, you may ask the moving company how much will it cost to include them.

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Should You Pack Yourself?

There are pros and cons of packing yourself when you hire a moving company.


  • Control over the move. When you handle the packing, you know what items to be boxed up. You know what items to go to box A, B, C, etc. If you want control over your packing, then you should pack yourself and not include the packing as part of the moving service.
  • Save money. Packing yourself will mean you don’t have to add another service to the moving cost. Keep in mind that packing is a service that can go to your tab. If you’re tight on budget, you can choose to pack yourself and have the moving professionals load them to the truck during the moving day.


  • Risky. Professional packers of a moving company are trained to pack fragile goods. Thus, those items are likely to be packed safely. If you do the packing yourself, you may damage or break your belongings, unless you’re a professional packer.

In that case, even though packing is an additional service, you may wish to add it to the cost to avoid damaging your belongings, especially those fragile goods. Keep in mind that if you pack yourself, the moving company won’t be liable if you damage the items during the packing stage.

Professional Packers of a Moving Company

The packing specialists of a reputable company will handle everything. It will take some of the burdens off your shoulder. You can do your other tasks related to your move. However, if you wish to save money on your move, you can take the risk of packing your items.

Finding the Best Moving and Storage Company

Elite Moving and Storage is the best rate moving and storage company you can hire for your next move. It provides boxes and other packing supplies if you need them. You just need to ask about the packing options and supplies you require. Call us here (888) 693-9080.

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