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How to Keep Your Los Angeles Home Clean After a Move

Moving takes a lot of patience, planning and organization. You will spend weeks boxing up things, unpacking and repacking and stacking those boxes in anticipation of you moving day. You’ll spend time cleaning out your former apartment or home for the new tenants and then make your move to your new location. It takes a lot of work but one thing can’t be denied: it’s exciting! You’re getting to move to a new location in the Los Angeles area. You’ll have new shops and restaurants to check out and possibly a new job to grow into. One thing that might not be on your mind right now is how to keep your Los Angeles home or apartment clean after you have moved.

You may spend days unpacking in your new place, putting everything in a new spot and finding yourself with a tidy, organized place that’s all yours. Yet, keeping it clean after unpacking can be a difficult challenge. You may find yourself rustling through your closet for an outfit before a night out. Perhaps you’ll end up inviting friends over for a housewarming party. There’s so much that can happen between the time you move and start really living in your place that can cause it to get messy quickly.

Keep Clutter at Bay

During the process of your unpacking you may have found many items that you no longer use or that just simply clutter you home. These can be donated or given away to friends unless they are broken or old. Taking stock of what items you really need and which take up space can be a great way to narrow down the the items that end up sitting around you home.

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Create a Routine

If you have a habit of leaving dishes in the sink or piling dirty laundry on the floor you may want to create new habits for yourself. You’re in a new space, so new habits might be the answer to your cluttering problems. Great ways to keeping your new home clean and organized can be as simple as doing the dishes immediately after you’ve eaten or taking the time to clean up while you prep your meals. Having a laundry schedule that you stick to can also help. As well as having a laundry hamper system for your clothing (darks, colors, whites etc). Even dirty clothing can be organized and kept in a space that will allow it to not be as cluttered or messy looking.

Deep Clean Semi-Frequently

Not a lot of us love to deep clean our homes unless it’s a spring cleaning regime. However, taking one weekend a months to deep clean your Los Angeles home can help you keep it as clean as possible while making sure that you aren’t hoarding any clutter or keeping any unnecessary items. You will also may find that you feel physically better in a home that’s clean with less dust and debris floating around.

If you are still planning around move throughout the Los Angeles area check out our other tips on moving with efficiency and organization. Elite Moving and Storage can help you transition with ease from your current residence to you new one. Give us a call today to schedule your moving date (888) 693-9080

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