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Moving company Burbank

Wanting to move soon? Pick up your phone and dial Elite Moving and Storage today on (888) 693-9080. Elite are Moving company Burbank.

Moving company Burbank

In summary, here’s why you should choose Elite:

  • Reliability: A reliable staff that you can trust and work with.
  • Punctuality: You can trust us to be at your home on time, and work with the utmost ethics
  • Flexibility: We are always willing and happy to accommodate you for any special request you may have.

When Should Movers Be Booked?

The best time to contact Moving company Burbank is as soon as you know you are moving. Once you secure your moving date, we strongly recommend you reserve your truck to ensure availability. However, sometimes in life things aren’t always planned out far in advance and moving needs to happen quickly. There’s no need to fret if you need to make a quick move or you forgot to make your arrangements. In many cases we are able to accommodate last-minute bookings and make sure your move goes smoothly and doesn’t cause stress.

Packing can be a challenge for even the most organized and well-planned move. Professional packers can make things easier, leaving the little bit of free time you have before your move to concentrate on tying up loose ends at your current place.

If you have to do the packing yourself, the best thing you can do is set up a plan and stay organized. Having the packing supplies you need on hand helps eliminate the wasted time to run to the store to get more. Designating a room for already packed boxes is a great way to stay organized, keep what is already done out of the way and helping you maintain your sanity as you continue packing.

Labeling each box is also crucial to a successful move. Not only does labeling make it easy on the unpacking end, but in the event you need something already boxed, you are not digging through box after box to find it.

When is the Best Time to Move?

The best time to make a move is when it is right for you and your family. Whether you have a job change, need a bigger house or just want to experience a new city, the best thing you can do is to give yourself time to settle in to your new home before a major life event.

While any time is fine to move, there are two things to consider if you are able to choose the time of year that you move. If at all possible, avoid the summer months. This is the busiest time for movers and it can be hard to secure your preferred dates. If you have to move in the summer, make your reservations as soon as you can. Winter is not an ideal time to move if you are relocating to a colder city. Snow can set moving dates back and cause unwanted stress.

At Elite Moving and Storage, we are ready to handle all your moving needs, regardless of the time of year or the size of your move.

We provide services to all of Burbank, including:

Local moves
Long distance moves
Commercial moves
International moves

Call us today at (888) 693-9080 to start your move!

Moving company Burbank


Wanting to move soon? Pick up your phone and dial Elite Moving and Storage today on (888) 693-9080. Elite are your Burbank moving.