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Moving Los Angeles Apartments with Houseplants, How?

When you take the time to nurture your houseplants you start to see them as just another (very green) pet in your family. You plants take a lot of care and some of us with green thumbs really want to be sure that your plants survive a move. However, if you started your plants in your current residence and have never moved them before you may be worried about how to do it. Before you stuffing them all into your car and moving Los Angeles apartment, let’s go over a few tips on how to transport them carefully. This way you can fill your new place with all of your green and leafy friends to provide it with the warmth and life that only houseplants can give.

Small Houseplants

Small houseplants are going to be the easiest to move around. You can keep them in their pots and easily place a few in an open box for transportation. You should use some packing paper or tissue paper to fill in the gaps between pots for a snug and safe fit when traveling. Most Los Angeles moving company don’t move plants so it will fall to you to transport them safely. This is a good thing because you have the ability to roll down your car windows or turn on the AC to create a temperate environment. Putting them into a box truck could mean they end up sitting on the 405 in the baking sun with little access to AC or cool conditions. It’s best not to bake your plants in a moving truck!

Moving Los Angeles Apartments

Large Houseplants

Before you move your larger plants you should prune and trim them. If it’s a colder day when you move you may want to wrap them in paper to keep them protected from brisk weather. If you have a green thumb you are probably aware that plants can be sensitive to spikes and drops in temperatures. When traveling long distances to your new residence you should treat your plants like any other living being in a vehicle. You wouldn’t leave your pet in the car overnight, so don’t leave you plant. It can grown to hot or too cold if you leave plants in a vehicle exposed to outdoor temperatures

Outdoor Plants

Before uprooting any larger outdoor plants ensure that you trim them back to encourage regrown at your new place. Trimming them can also make it easier to move them. Water them thoroughly before you dig them up so that they stay hydrated throughout the moving process. When you dig then from the ground be sure to leave a lot of dirt and soil surrounding the roots. You should wrap small plants in paper bags and large plants in burplay as plastic will not allow the roots to breathe and could damage the plant.

With a better idea of how to move your treasured plants you are better prepared for the big day. When your moving day comes don’t get stuck renting a Uhaul or depending on friends to help you pacl. Instead hire the dependable and experience team of movers at Elite Moving and Storage. We have years of experience in moving residents of Los Angeles. Give us a call today to set up your moving date (888) 693-9080

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